Dr. Parke is currently offering video therapy sessions

Frequently Asked Questions


Who do you tend to work with in therapy?

I tend to serve children (7 years old or older), teenagers, and college-aged young adults and their families. My expertise is in a subspecialty called clinical child and adolescent psychology. I tend to work best therapeutically with people who are struggling with forms of anxiety (such as generalized anxiety, social anxiety, panic attacks), OCD, traumatic experiences, grief, or depression.

Please note that I do not have the clinical experience or qualifications necessary to work with children/teens whose families are currently undergoing the process of separation or divorce.


What type of approach do you use in therapy?

My style blends cognitive-behavioral therapy with psychodynamic therapy. That means that I focus on the healing power of the therapeutic relationship while also integrating specific techniques and skill-building approaches that have shown to be most effective for specific types of mental health struggles, based on evidence-based research.


When and where do therapy appointments occur?

In general, if therapy appointments are available they usually occur Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday afternoon/evening. Appointments are 50 minutes each. At the moment I am offering telepsychology (video) therapy sessions online.


What is the cost of appointments? Do you accept insurance?

My current fee is $180 per session, payable online by credit card. I am not able to bill insurance directly, but I can provide you with a "superbill" at the end of each month, like a receipt for services you've paid for. If your insurance includes mental health coverage, you can then send them the superbill for partial reimbursement of those costs.


Can you provide referrals to other providers?

Yes. Sometimes I do have a waiting list, and I want people to be able to access mental health services either way. What matters is that you be able to find mental health help soon that is a good fit for you. 


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