University Teaching & International Training

Dr. Parke is a licensed psychologist in Fullerton, California. She has a passion for equipping the next generation of mental health professionals and has taught at a number of universities (undergraduate and doctorate-level students).

Dr. Parke has also engaged in international work as a psychologist in Germany, Greece, Lebanon, Thailand, and the Turkish/Syrian border, primarily serving refugee youth and training the people who care for them.

She also sometimes serves the public as a psychologist subject matter expert, panelist, podcast guest, or guest speaker.

University Courses Taught

Undergraduate Courses

Abnormal Psychology

Child Psychology

Developmental Psychology

Field Practicum

Graduate Courses

Clinical Interventions: Children & Adolescents

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Ethics & Professional Development

Practicum Training Seminar

Clinical Practicum: Case Conceptualization

International Trainings

Dr. Parke has also conducted international trauma-related trainings, primarily focusing on serving refugee youth and training the people who care for them. She has served refugee populations in Thailand, the Turkish/Syrian border, Germany, Greece, and Lebanon.



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