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Dr. Parke is a licensed psychologist in Fullerton, California. She has a passion for equipping the next generation of mental health professionals and has taught at a number of universities (undergraduate and doctorate-level students). Dr. Parke also provides seminars to the public on various psychological topics. She has engaged in international work on the borders of Thailand/Burma and Turkey/Syria, caring for refugee youth and training those who care for them.



 University Courses Taught


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Undergraduate psychology courses taught:

Child Psychology

Cognitive Psychology

Developmental Psychology

Research Methods in Psychology

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Doctoral clinical psychology courses taught:

Clinical Interventions: Children & Adolescents (Fall Semester)

Clinical Interventions: Children & Adolescents (Spring Semester)

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Ethics & Professional Development

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Doctoral clinical psychology courses taught:

1st Year Psy.D. Practicum Fall Training Seminar

1st Year Psy.D. Practicum Spring Training Seminar

Clinical Practicum IV: Case Conceptualization

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Doctoral clinical psychology course taught:

Cognitive and Affective Bases of Behavior

International Trainings

Dr. Parke has also taught internationally in Thailand twice, as part of a team providing training to adult caregivers in the orphanages of northern Thailand. The training equipped them to care for the Thai orphans and Burmese refugee children at the orphanages. It consisted of a curriculum including content about a psychosocial view of people, trauma, effects of trauma, coping, and caregiver self-care as well as sustainable community-building between the caregivers themselves.


Dr. Parke has also worked with Syrian refugee youth during two trips to the Turkey/Syria border, as part of an international team of mentors through the Karam Foundation. The trips involved training adult teachers (themselves Syrian refugees) to understand youth in the classroom context as well as facilitating workshops regarding coping and resilience with children/teenagers who are Syrian refugees.

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